OAS Payment Dates April 2024: Check the Status of Disability, Old Age Security Payment

This article is about the OAS Payment Dates April 2024. The article will cover the OAS Disability, OAS Payment Dates, and Payment Status. The Old Age Security Payment supports seniors to lead a life satisfactorily after retirement. The payment granted by the government helps them to bear their basic expenses along with medical and utility bills. They do not have to take personal debts or loans from the banks. Go through the article to the end to know the payment dates.

OAS Payment Dates April 2024

Old Age Security is the payment proceeded every month for people aged 65 or above. The Federal Government of Canada is well-known for introducing different financial relief programs for the sake of seniors within the country. The candidates may apply for the beneficial program by filling out the form and submitting it online or offline. Nevertheless, in several cases entitled candidates are enrolled automatically for the OAS Pension through Service Canada.

Each month, the Federal Government of Canada offers the amounts to the individuals who have registered under the OAS. Several factors like age and duration of residency in Canada are considered to supplement the payment that an applicant may receive through the Old Age Security Pension. The next OAS Payment is expected to be released on the 26th April 2024.

Old Age Security Payments 2024: Overview Table

Title of the ArticleOld Age Security
CategoryGovernment Aid
AdministrationFederal Government of Canada
SchemeMonthly Pension Plan
Age Requirement65 or above
Amount (Age 65-74)$707.68
Amount (Age 75 or above)$778.45
Mode of ApplicationOnline/Offline
Last Date to Pay26 April 2024
Official PortalCanada.ca

Payment Dates for OAS Disability Scheme 2024

The authorities have decided on a common payment date for the Old Age Security and Canada Pension Plan i.e., 26 April. The Government of Canada is regularly updating the upcoming payment dates and subsequent payment amounts. Previously, the payments were transferred on 27 September as per the pension calendar.

This is to notify you that the payment amount can be increased if you delay the payment after the age of 65. Delaying the payment maximum up to 60 months may help you to access a higher amount for each month. Starting the month of July 2022, a 10% rise has been implied in the Old Age Security for people aged 75 or above. The first Old Age Security Payment will be supplemented either on the particular determined date or after a month of achieving the age of 65.

OAS Payment Dates April 2024

Pension Amount in OAS 2024

The Old Age Security Pension Amount of 2024 also relies on the net income of an individual. For individuals between the ages of 65 and 74, the threshold annual net income for 2022 should be lower than $142609. The annual income threshold in 2022 for people aged 75 or above is obliged to fall below the range of $148179.

The OAS pension payment varies according to the age range of the recipients. People aged between 65 and 74 are entitled to access a maximum payment every month at a level of $707.68. People aged 75 or above may access a payment every month at a maximum level up to $778.45

A tool available online on digital platforms can be used by the recipients to calculate the amount they will receive in the present or upcoming month. This tool is named “Old Age Security Benefits Estimator”. The calculation proceeded by the tool will be based on the details filled in it. Some of the details that an individual is required to provide include marital status, age, net income (single or along with spouse), legal status, and residential status.

OAS Payment Schedule in April 2024

In the year 2024, the first payment was proceeded on 29 Jan 2024. A Pension Calendar available on the official website of the Canadian Government can be referred to for assistance in knowing about the latest updates made to the OAS Payment Dates 2024.

Check the Payment Dates for Old Age Security 2024

129 January 2024
227 February 2024
326 March 2024
426 April 2024
529 May 2024
626 June 2024
729 July 2024
828 August 2024
925 September 2024
1029 October 2024
1127 November 2024
1230 December 2024

Individuals will be provided with the payment through the mode of payment they have selected during the application. Direct deposit is the easiest and most convenient way to proceed with the payment. The amount will also be granted to the people who have opted for the paper check but they have to wait for a while because the process is time-consuming.

OAS Application 2024

If you are one of the legal citizens who are eligible and wish to apply for the benefit payment, some steps mentioned below can be followed:

  • Initially, go through the section on eligibility criteria to determine whether you have the eligibility to access the payment.
  • It is obligatory to be decisive regarding the right time to start the OAS Payment.
  • You have to apply for the program by filling out and submitting the form.
  • You should wait patiently for the response from the authorities.
  • The application status should be reviewed regularly.

After making a successful submission of the OAS application, authorities will reciprocate the applicants. If your application gets submitted and confirmed, you will be provided with a letter from the authorities including the details on the payment and the first payment date. If your application gets rejected, you should check the details given by you and should reapply.

Payment Status of OAS 2024

To verify the payment status of the Old Age Security Pension in 2024, individuals can log in to their MSCA accounts through the official Government of Canada web portal. Checking the payment status will indicate whether the payment has been successfully received. If individuals encounter delays or issues with payment delivery, they should reach out to Service Canada for resolution.

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