OAS Maximum 2024: Increase, Limits, Rates, Clawback, Maximum Contribution & More

Old Age Security payments 2024 are given under the government benefit package for Canadian citizens over 65. Individuals get monthly income, and the government has declared an increase in OAS payments through 2024. On January 1, 2024, the CPP raised from CAD 66500 to CAD 68500. To find out this, you should know about OAS Payment Eligibility 2024. People want to know when they will get their OAS Increase 2024 payments as well as how much they will rise in 2024. I have now provided answers to all of your inquiries on the Old Age Scheme Payment Increase in 2024 in this post. This page offers all the information you need to know about OAS Maximum 2024, OAS Clawback 2024, OAS Pension Payment in 2024, and other relevant information related to the OAS Payment in April 2024.

OAS Maximum 2024

The Canadian government provides financial assistance to seniors  via Old Age Security Pension Payment 2024. A pension payment is made on a monthly basis to those who are above 65. The OAS payout Increase 2024 is anticipated to result in an increase in the payout amount, which was formerly 66500 Canadian dollars. Starting on January 1, 2024, the sum has increased to CAD 68500. The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is used to calculate the inflation rate and it also keeps track of the OAS. All persons are eligible to receive this benefit, regardless of their job situation. Moreover, the OAS Clawback cap will rise from CAD 86912 to CAD 90997. A minimum of one CPP contribution is required for eligibility for OAS benefits. Employees will contribute at a rate of 11.9%, while employers will contribute at an earnings rate of 5.95%. 

OAS Rates, Limits, and More

Benefit NameOld Age Security
Department NameService Canada
Maximum Payment (Oct-Dec 2023)CAD 707.68 (65 – 74) | CAD 778.45 (75 or older)
OAS Clawback 2024 (Minimum)CAD 86,912
OAS Clawback 2024 (Maximum)CAD 142,609 (65-74) and CAD 148,179 (75 or older)
Official Websitecanada.ca

OAS Increase 2024

Even though most of Canadians will be eligible for Old Age Security (OAS) upon retirement, not everyone is aware of How much OAS could you receive in 2024?. Old age security pension payments 2024, is the scheme by Canadian government to support the elderly. Pension benefits are available to those who are above 65 and people receive pension payments on a monthly basis. The old age plan payout was formerly set at 66500 Canadian dollars, however it is currently anticipated to rise until 2024. The implementation of OAS Increase 2024 begun on January 1, 2024, and it will rise to CAD 68500.

OAS Maximum 2024

OAS Clawback 2024

If a senior’s yearly income in Canada reaches a specific threshold, they must repay all or a part of their OAS as well as any NFS. If your net income before adjustments on line 23400 (line 234 prior to 2019) exceeds CAD 86,912 for 2023, you will be required to refund 15% of the excess, up to a maximum of the whole amount of OAS received. The federal tax rates and personal tax credits are adjusted annually, much as the clawback threshold.

OAS Maximum Contribution

The length of time you have resided in Canada after turning 18 determines how much your Old Age Security pension will be paid. If your net yearly income exceeds the annual net world income threshold, it is deemed taxable income and is subject to a recovery tax. A person’s marital status and income level determine how much they will be paid in Old Age Security payments and they don’t qualify as taxable income. From October to December 2023, the maximum monthly OSA amount (for those 65 to 74 years old) is CAD 707.68. The yearly net global income in 2022 must be less than CAD 134,626 in order to qualify for the OAS. At age 75, the maximum monthly OSA amount in 2023 is CAD 778.45, and it will run from October to December. The yearly net global income in 2022 must be less than CAD 137,331 in order to qualify for the OAS.

How much OAS could you receive in 2024?

Depending on your age, income, and place of residence, you may be eligible to receive a certain amount of OAS in 2024. You must be 65 years of age or older, a resident of Canada, and have been there for at least 10 years after turning 18 in order to qualify for the OAS. If you are a foreign resident, you must have spent at least 20 years in Canada following the age of 18. The maximum monthly payment amount of the OAS pension, which is the complete pension, is yours if you satisfy these requirements. A partial OAS pension, which is a portion of the full OAS pension depending on the length of time you have lived in Canada, may be granted to those who, after the age of 18, have resided in Canada for fewer than 40 years. Based on your age and the anticipated 4.7% rise in OAS, the table below estimates your maximum monthly payment amounts for 2024:

AgeMaximum monthly OAS payment amount
65 to 74CAD 740.76
75 and overCAD 814.62

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