Centrelink Payment Increase 2024: Check Amount, Who is Eligible? & Payment Date

More money have started reaching in the accounts of millions of Australians receiving Centrelink benefits to assist with the growing cost of living; however, many feel that this will not even come close to relieving their situation. Started on March 20, the maximum amount for single recipients of the elderly pension, disability support pension, and carer payment has been increased to AU$ 1,116.30 per person by an extra AU$ 19.60 every two weeks. The highest amount that couples on those payments may get is AU$ 1,682.80, plus an additional AU$ 29.40 every two weeks. The Centrelink Payment Increase 2024 was announced by the Australian government in order to improve the wellbeing of its people. It has been declared that seniors who are still working will be allowed to earn more money without having their pension reduced, and that Centrelink payments will rise, so the New Centerlink Payment Increase 2024 is 6%. Additionally, the Age Pension for 2024 will receive a AU$ 4000 rise, and the Centrelink Youth Allowance will also increase in 2024. It is also anticipated that the Centrelink Medicare Safety for 2024 would be improved.

Centrelink Payment Increase 2024

As of right now, beneficiaries of Centrelink benefits will benefit from the first of two indexations scheduled for 2024. 5 million beneficiaries of various payment systems, including rent assistance, JobSeeker, ABSTUDY, carer payment, elderly pension, and disability support pension, would be impacted by the rise. Although additional money in the pocket would be appreciated, some beneficiaries claim they require far more to make ends meet amid a situation caused by rising costs of living. The modifications were revealed earlier this month but you have to fulfil the Centrelink Payment Increase 2024 Eligibility Criteria. The Centrelink Payment Programme is one way the Australian government helps its residents. Retirement programme participants, jobless persons, families, carers, parents, and those with disabilities can get a variety of government benefits and services. The distribution of social security benefits is the main responsibility of Centrelink. According to the Centerlink Payment Increase 2024, more than 930,000 Australians will have a weekly AU$ 20 increase in their Centerlink payment, for a total of 6% increase in their payment.

Centrelink Payment Increase Eligibility 2024 Details

Post TitleCentrelink Payment Increase 2024
Department NameService Australia
Percentage Increase6%
BeneficiariesCitizens of Australia
Official Accountwww.servicesaustralia.gov.au

Centrelink Payment Increase 2024 Eligibility Criteria

  • To get the payout, Australian citizens must present official documentation of their residency.
  • Before the Centrelink payment date 2024, taxpayers have to file their tax return for the prior year.
  • The Centrelink payment is available to widows or survivors as well as handicapped people who get government assistance.
  • These eligibility rules make sure that people meet specific requirements and show that they really need financial assistance. To verify further qualifying requirements for the Centerlink payments, people can go to Services Australia’s official website.
  • When migrating, the applicant is legally required to stay in the nation for at least 10 years, and that too after turning 18.
  • It is necessary for the receivers to be at least 67 years old.
Centrelink Payment Increase 2024

Centrelink Payments Increase 2024 Amount

Payment TypeIncrease (per fortnight)Total (per fortnight)
Aged pensionAU$ 19.60 for singles and AU$ 29.40 for couplesAU$ 1,116.30 for singles and AU$ 1,682.80 for couples
Disability support pensionAU$ 19.60 for singles and AU$ 29.40 for couplesAU$ 1,116.30 for singles and AU$ 1,682.80 for couples
Carer paymentAU$ 19.60 for singles and AU$ 29.40 for couplesAU$ 1,116.30 for singles and AU$ 1,682.80 for couples
JobSeekerAU$ 13.50 for singles with no children and AU$ 14.40 for singles with childrenAU$ 762.70 for singles with no children and AU$ 816.90 for singles with children
ABSTUDYAU$ 13.50 for those living at home and independent with no childrenAU$ 762.70 (but AU$ 771.50 including the energy supplement)
Rent assistanceAU$ 3.40 for singles, AU$ 2.27 for singles sharing rent, AU$ 3.40 for couplesAU$ 188.20 for singles, AU$ 125.47 for singles sharing rent, AU$ 177.20 for couples
Single parentsAU$ 17.50AU$ 959.40 (but AU$ 999.70 including supplements)
Partnered parentsAU$ 12.30AU$ 698.30 (but AU$ 706.20 when including the energy supplement)

Centrelink Payment Date 2024

In the meanwhile, recipients of Centrelink are waiting for their April 2024 next installment and are encouraged to keep an eye out for any new money flowing into their Centrelink account. Usually made every two weeks, these payments are crucial for a lot of the receivers. Recipients should not get alarmed if, by the end of April, they have not received the anticipated money; delays in Centrelink payments can be attributed to the verification procedure. The beneficiaries will get their $400 Centrelink Payment when the verification procedure is completely finished.

Payment DateDirect Deposit PaymentPayment By Check
4 April10 April24 April
2 May8 May22 May
30 May5 June19 June
27 June3 July17 July

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