$2,000 Bank Gift on Opening a New Account in May: Know Eligibility & How Can You Claim this Bonus?

When you open a new account with certain banks in USA, you might receive a huge $2,000 bonus. However, there is a prerequisite that needs to be fulfilled. The leading banks in the country are offering $2,000 Bank Gift on Opening a New Account in May to customers who maintain exceptionally substantial balances in their accounts but for that you must meet the requirements.

Additionally, some banks are now offering promotions that provide customers who want to open a new checking or online savings account an extra financial bonus to shift their cash immediately to a new home. These promotions may offer up to $3,000 in bonuses for checking or savings accounts.

$2,000 Bank Gift on Opening a New Account in May

To be eligible for a bonus on a checking account, you must be a new customer. Alternatively, you have to have been without a bank checking account for a specific period of time. The requirements you must meet are must to consider, since some banks are giving new checking, savings, and investment accounts as a sign-up bonus from $200 to $5,000. A straightforward high-interest savings account could occasionally be a better option than signing up for a new bank in exchange for bonus.

What is a USD 2,000 Bank Bonus?

Large banks typically provide high net worth customers a $2,000 bank bonus as an bonus to transfer banks. They are usually associated with premium checking accounts. Usually, there are stricter requirements involved in getting such a large rewards. These normally involve a large investment (usually six figures) that needs to be kept in bank for a predetermined amount of time.

Why banks offer Gift on Opening a New Account

Banks in America present alluring bonus because they stand to gain as much as you do. You see, if you open an account and get your bonus, banks anticipate that you will become a more regular customer. It is expected of you to conduct transactions, maintain balances, and test out additional services. Banks are expecting this to be a long-term partnership. Making a favorable initial impression and keeping you around longer is achieved by giving away rewards.

$2,000 Bank Gift on Opening a New Account in April: Know Eligibility & How Can You Claim this Bonus?

Banks checking account bonus offers and promotions

Chase Bank (Private Client): Up to $3,000 bonus

By May 17, you may open a Chase Private Client Checking account and receive up to $3,000 in rewards.

To be eligible for the bonus, you must:

  • Meet by the promotional deadline with a Private Client Banker.
  • Within 45 days, transfer to Chase a minimum of $250,000 in securities or funds from outside the bank.

Citibank: Up to $2,500 bonus

Customers who open a new checking account with Citibank before July 8th can receive up to $2,500 in rewards. Money must be placed within 20 days of opening the account in order to be eligible for the bonus. The bonus amount is based on the account balance after 20 days.

  • You can get $500 if you deposit a minimum of $30,000 and keep that minimum amount.
  • You can get $2,500 if you deposit a minimum of $300,000 and keep that minimum amount.

Huntington National Bank: Up to $600 bonus

Customers and company owners of Huntington Bank can take advantage of two checking account perks. You can apply to earn: through June 7th.

  • Upon opening a Perks Checking account and depositing a minimum of $1,000 in deposits over the course of the first ninety days, you will get $400.
  • $600 when opening a Platinum Perks Checking account and depositing a minimum of $25,000 in total during the first ninety days of the account’s opening.

BMO: Up to $400 bonus

Customers can open a Smart Advantage Checking account, Relationship Checking account, or Smart Money Checking account to qualify for a $250 to $400 bonus if they don’t already have a BMO checking account.

  • For the first 120 days, the Smart Advantage Checking account is eligible for a USD 250 bonus that needs at least $4,000 in direct deposits.
  • Opening a Smart Money Checking account entitles you to a $250 bonus, but you must make at least $4,000 in specific direct deposits during the first ninety days of the account.
  • When a Relationship Checking account is opened and certain direct deposits totaling $7,500 are made during the first 120 days of the account, a $400 bonus can be received.
  • Payroll, pensions, Social Security, and other government benefits are examples of qualifying direct deposits for the Smart Advantage, Smart Money, and Relationship checking accounts.

PNC Bank: up to $400 reward bonus

At PNC Bank, you can receive one of the bonus listed below:

  • By registering for a Performance Select Virtual Wallet, you can receive $400 (a $5,000 qualifying direct transfer).
  • via opening a Performance Spend Virtual Wallet and depositing $200 (with qualifying direct contributions of $2,000).
  • $100 by opening a virtual wallet (a $500 direct transfer is required).

Axos Bank: earn $300 bonus

  • If a new Rewards Checking account is opened with Axos Bank and at least $5,000 is deposited directly into it for seven consecutive months, the new customer will get $300.
  • To qualify for this offer, you must open a new Rewards Checking account using the promotional code AXOS300.
  • After opening your account, you have 30 days to deposit $5,000 or more from sources other than Axos Bank. Also, throughout the first 7 months of owning the Rewards Checking account, you must continue to receive $5,000 or more by direct deposit.

SoFi Bank: Up to $300 bonus

Opening a checking and savings account with SoFi Bank will earn new clients up to $300. To qualify for the bonus, you must make a direct transfer. The bonus amount will be determined by the total amount of your eligible direct deposits made throughout the bank’s 25-day review period, which begins when SoFi receives a direct deposit, as stated on the SoFi Bank website and this offer ends on June 30, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

  • $50 is earned on direct deposits made between $1,000 and $4,999.99.
  • $300 is earned for a direct deposit of at least $5,000.
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