$699 Stimulus Check Payment from Government: Know Eligibility & Deposit Dates

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has begun distributing May payments for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and for others. There has been two payments made this week: on May 1 and on  May 3 and you should check your bank to know whether the payment is credited or not. SSI benefits are distributed on the first of every month in accordance with the payment schedule that the SSA provides. Therefor, the recipients’ payments was scheduled to be received on May 1st. This year, $699.22 was the average payment made to SSI beneficiaries in March. Couples that meet both qualifying criteria are eligible to get $699 Stimulus Check Payment from Government.

$699 Stimulus Check Payment from Government

Despite Social Security’s denials, a large number of SSI recipients get far less than the $943 maximum payment. In reality, each recipient’s average SSI payout as of March 2024 is $699.22. If you are receiving supplementary benefits, such retirement benefits, your income can be much lower. As June 1st falls on a Saturday, SSI recipients will receive two payments in May, it means that Friday, May 31, is when the June payment is due.

On May 3rd, Social Security claimants who began receiving benefits before to May 1997 will begin collecting them. These payments are shared on the third of the month, unless it occurs on a weekend or holiday, where it is paid on the preceding working day. Recipients of SSDI, survivors, and retirees will get payment on Wednesdays according to their birthdate. A second check will be issued at the end of each month to individuals who receive SSI benefits.

$699.22 Stimulus Check Payment 2024 Details

Topic $699 Stimulus Check Payment from Government
Payment AuthoritySSA
Payment Amount$699.22
CategoryFinancial Aid
Payment DateMay 31, 2024
Official Websitessa.gov

SSI May 2024 Payment Amount

While payment amounts vary, the SSA provides the following average and maximum amounts as of right now:

ProgramSocial Security maximum amountAverage Amount
SSIIndividual: $943.Couple: $1,415.Essential person: $472.$699.22
$699 Stimulus Check Payment from Government: Know Eligibility & Deposit Dates

How come I didn’t get my Social Security on May 3?

  • May 3 was the date of the last retirement check, so you should check your bank now. Remember that the Social Security Administration will only pay retirement benefits to you if you applied and were approved. Delays are possible, but, occasionally. To determine whether or not your Social Security check is late, you have to wait three mailing days. You should wait for some as today is May 4 only, just one day has passed.
  • Banks might not have processed your payment on time if you were eligible for the May 3 payment, according to the SSA. So you should you get in touch with your bank first. Afterwards, you should check whether your bank is credited the Social Security May Payment Amount 2024. You should call the SSA if they haven’t received your direct deposit. Payments may go missing or get stolen occasionally and for that you should call officials at 1-800-772-1213 and ask for the issue.
  • If you do not want to speak with SSA over the phone, you can visit their office of your area. The SSA will review your case if you report a late payment. On May 3, several retirees lost their eligibility and were not paid by Social Security. When you spend more than 30 days in a row in jail or another similar facility, this occurs. So i advise you wait for few hours and then get back the officials of Social Security Administration as they can help you in getting this payment.

How to get the extra SSI payment each month?

  • If they satisfy two requirements, Social Security recipients may apply for extra SSI payment. The age or disability-related condition is the first need. Monthly income of the beneficiary is the subject of the second requirement. Every Supplemental Security Income application is examined separately so it can therefore take some time for you to begin receiving this additional Social Security income.
  • You will receive a new payment on the first of every month if you have access to a check, with a few exclusions. For instance, you will receive this benefit in two payments in May, with the Social Security payment available on May 1st and May 31st. It is also important to remember that receiving this check does not need having retirement activated. Supplemental Security Income can be used in compatible with Social Security retirement benefits; however, retirement is not a requirement in order to be eligible for this extra monthly payment.
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