$3700 VA Stimulus Checks 2024: Know Eligibility & Payment Dates

VA Stimulus checks of $3700 are provided by the Social Security Administration in the United States of America to Veterans to supplement financial support. The program has been introduced to help veterans access quality medical and healthcare services. The authorities have raised the amount by considering the facts and figures of the rising inflation.

$3700 VA Stimulus Checks 2024

It has been announced to grant funds of $3700 to the veterans under the stimulus checks, which marks an increase of 3.2% and contributes remarkably to managing the ever-increasing living expenses. This is the additional financial aid granted along with basic everyday costs to the veterans. These are the tax-free monthly payments that can be accessed only by veterans who meet the eligibility criteria and suffer from service-related impairments.

$3700 VA Stimulus Checks: Overview Table

Article$3700 VA Stimulus Checks 2024
CategoryFinancial Aid
OrganizationUS Department of Veteran Affairs
RecipientsArmed and Navy officers
AimTo financially support disabled veterans
May Payment DateYet to be released
Official Websitehttps://www.va.gov/

Eligibility for the $3700 VA Stimulus Checks

It is mandatory to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned by the US Department of VA. Many applicants complain about not receiving the payment or rejection of the application, this is because they do not check the eligibility precisely before applying. We advised you to verify some rules:

  • The applicants who have been discharged dishonourably from the services would not be able to access the payment benefits.
  • Even if a veteran dies while serving, their family will be eligible to access the payment.
  • Veterans who develop service-related physical or visual impairment are granted an amount of $165 to $3700, depending on the severity of the disability.
  • This financial aid can be accessed by the candidates having lack resources and income.
  • By meeting all the rules set by the authorities, veterans and their family members may expect to receive the payment according to the VA Benefit regulations.
$3700 VA Stimulus Checks 2024: Know Eligibility & Payment Dates

Information about the Veteran Payment

The Veteran Stimulus check of $3700 decided to be distributed to the eligible candidates by taking into account the increasing COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment). The amount disbursed is variable and depends on the disability degree of the veteran which may range from 10% to 100%. The payment will be credited directly into the bank accounts of the recipients.

  • Veterans who meet the pre-determined criteria may get up to $3700.
  • The payment assists veterans who suffer from service-related impairments.
  • Even after the death of a veteran, the related family members hold the eligibility to get the amount.
  • Veterans having low income may also be eligible.
  • The amount a veteran gets relies on the financial status and degree of disability.

$3700 VA Stimulus Checks: Payment Schedule

The $3700 VA stimulus payment is transferred on the first day of each month. But if any holiday falls on the payment date, then the payment date gets disturbed, and, in such case, the payment is processed on the last working day of the previous month. A chart of this year’s payment schedule is mentioned below, you can refer to the same to know the payment date of the respective month. It is very important to be aware of the payment date in advance because people who earn very little income have to plan their expenses at the beginning of the month, so by knowing the payment date, people can plan monthly expenses more effectively.

MonthPayment Date
January1 Feb 2024
February1 March 2024
March1 April 2024
April1 May 2024
May31 May 2024
June1 July 2024
July1 Aug 2024
August30 Aug 2024
September1 Oct 2024
October1 Nov 2024
November29 Nov 2024
December31 Dec 2024
  • During application, it is necessary to prove disability status so keep all relevant documents, medical records, and personal ID with you.
  • Make sure to keep your banking information completely updated for direct deposit otherwise you may face delays in receiving your payment.
  • Please double-check the email, address, and phone number you entered in the VA system.

$3700 VA Stimulus Checks: Application Process

Follow these steps to apply for the $3700 VA Stimulus Check:


1: Visit va.gov/disability to initiate.

2: If you have an account, sign in or create a new one.

3: Fill out the application form, and keep it saved. You can access it later whenever required.

Paper Application:

1: From the official website of the VA, download the application form for the Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits.

2: Complete the form by entering all the mandatory information. State your disability clearly and be clear about how that particular disability is related to your service.

3: After filling out the form, submit it to the VA Claims Centre situated at the Department of Veteran Affairs. You may even fax the form within the US via (844) 531-7818 or outside the US (248) 524-4260.

In-Person Application:

1: You may access personalized helpby applying in person for the payment. You have to visit the VA regional office close to your residency.

2: Do not forget to carry all the documents like the application form, medical records, and other relevant proof.

How to Track VA Application Online

  • On online applications, one may check the status by browsing the official portal of the VA.  By applying through the mail, fax, or personally, you are free to contact the officials anytime during working hours and can take updates regarding the procedure.
  • You may be required to go through a VA Claim exam to verify the disability and its degree. To avoid the delays, going through the exams is a good approach.
  • After completing the process of verification, a decision letter will be sent to you, which states for what benefits you are entitled and what you can do in case having any disagreement with the decision taken by the authorities.
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