$1266 New OAS Payment For Seniors: Know Eligibility & When Will You Get this Payment?

This post will inform you about the seniors’ Old Age Security (OAS) benefits that will be paid in May 2024. These scheme provides monthly financial support to senior Canadians, and it is  provided by the Canadian government. The Canadian government has declared a significant expansion of the Old Age Security (OAS) pension program for 2024 in an effort to give the country’s elderly population greater financial assistance. In response to rising living expenditures, this program would add $1266 New OAS Payment For Seniors, providing much-needed stability and respite. The $1266 New OAS Payment May 2024 will be shared by the Canada Revenue Agency in May 2024 as per news. For further information on the $1266 New OAS Payment 2024 Eligibility and when they will be delivered, you should read this post.

$1266 New OAS Payment For Seniors

This $1266 OAS Pension Payment 2024 shows the government of Canada’s commitment to helping seniors with their financial struggles, particularly those from low-income households, by offering a lifeline to cover essential expenses like housing and medical care. So to determine their eligibility and receive an OAS pension payment, seniors are recommended to fill out the online application form available on the official Canadian government website. The $1266 OAS Pension Payment 2024 Date will be fully explained in this post, along with its, eligibility requirements, most recent announcement and status check. The Canadian government provides a range of benefits to older citizens, but the most important one for individuals with low incomes to cover their daily needs is Old Age Security. The qualified beneficiary receives help through the OAS benefits, and they will get $760 in OAS benefits in the future OAS pension.

$1266 New OAS Payment May 2024 Details

Country NameCanada
Benefit NameOld Age Security
Department NameCanada Revenue Agency
Payment Amount$1266
CategoryFinancial Aid
Payment DateMay 2024
Official WebsiteCanada.ca

$1266 New OAS Payment 2024 Eligibility

  • To get $1266 New OAS Payment 2024, you should be permanent citizen of Canada.
  • To be eligible for this payment, you should be at least 65 years old and get $1266 New OAS Payment 2024.
  • After reaching 18, candidates must have lived in Canada for a certain amount of years, and the CRA will set an upper limit on their income.
$1266 New OAS Payment For Seniors: Know Eligibility & When Will You Get this Payment?

OAS Pension New Increase 2024

  • As per online news, the Canadian government has announced an increase in Old Age Security (OAS) payments for seniors, bringing the total to $1266. People are becoming older and frequently needing more money for expenses like rent, bills, and healthcare, this is why OAS May 2024 Payments have increased. Many seniors find it relieving as they age and find it difficult to handle their money. This action shows how concerned the federal government is about the well-being of Canada’s senior and how it wants to meet their demands for retirement income.
  • The Old Age Security (OAS) pension program’s $1266 increase will be reflected in the upcoming payment, that is anticipated to be shared in May 2024. This rise is intended to lessen seniors’ financial burdens and guarantee stability in the face of escalating living expenses. People are encouraged to keep a watch on the official CRA website as the formal announcement of the increment has not been verified as of now.

When Will You Get this Payment?

  • The OAS Benefit program’s $1266 increase has not been formally confirmed by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Although people must wait for the CRA’s formal certification, it makes sense to raise OAS payments in these challenging economic times given the rising rates of interest and inflation. The amount could change for people over 65, and those who paid into the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) might get additional benefits. It’s recommended to rely on CRA information for precise data on the $1266 increase in OAS payout.
  • Old Age Security (OAS) payouts for seniors are projected to reach $1266 OAS Pension and it will be beginning soon. These monthly contributions assist Canadian seniors in meeting their living expenditures. And to guarantee that people in need of assistance receive it, the Canadian government offers these benefits subject to certain qualifying requirements. With the growing cost of living, seniors across will get much-needed help from these higher benefits.

Status Check for $1266 New OAS Payment For Seniors 

  • To verify the $1266 OAS Pension payment, people must go to and register on the Canada Revenue Agency’s official website.
  • People must use the login credentials they get to access their My CRA account after successfully registering.
  • To check the status of your $1266 OAS Pension, visit to the payment status area and complete all required information.
  • If people need help, they may get in touch with the CRA authorities both offline and online.
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